Who we are (part 4)

Glenn Robert is Professor of Healthcare Quality & Innovation at King’s College London. His research draws on the fields of organisational studies and organisational sociology and focuses on quality and service improvement in health care, and studying innovations in the organisation and delivery of health care services. His current interests include drawing on the field of design and the design sciences and identifying and testing any frameworks and methods that might have value in addressing some of the organisational design and development challenges facing the NHS. A focus of his work since 2005 has been on developing and testing the ‘Experience-based Co-design’ (EBCD) approach to service improvement. EBCD combines (1) a user-centred orientation (by adopting a filmed narrative storytelling approach) and (2) a participatory, collaborative change process, allowing staff to ‘see the person in the patient’ and placing patient and staff experience at the centre of service improvement. The approach has been applied and evaluated as an innovative approach in numerous healthcare services in the NHS and has subsequently been implemented internationally.